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Why Pangara

Speed, quality, affordabilty

It is as simple as this: We provide fast access to relevant competence at affordable rates in a keep-it-simple format.

Since the start, we have delivered over 1,000 projects to clients in over 15 countries. After having met so many clients, we understand that there are three things that differentiate the preferred partner from the rest of the crowd. Traditional agencies and consulting firms are known for long lead-time, average quality, and high cost. We want to do the opposite. By working in a distributed organization model across both Europe and Asia, we can deliver consistently over all three aspects of the ideal client-agency relationship.

Clients subscribe to our consulting service through one of the following models: Managed project or Dedicated resources

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Mission: Helping clients reach business objectives

Our mission is to support our clients reaching their business objectives, powered by technology. Get in touch, let us know what you need. Once we understand your business objectives and have provided a proposal you are comfortable with, we can get to work. With a global team of experts, we can take on almost any projects and our turnaround time is usually fast.


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Voice of our clients

“I have met developers that are unique”

We have worked with a very diverse set of projects with clients in over 15 countries since the start 5 years ago. Some of our clients have been so generous that they have shared their perspective on the partnership. Read more here below.

“We’ve spent a long time looking for developers with no results.With Pangara, not only have we saved a great deal of time, but also money.”

Pontus Backlund

CTO, Appspotr

“We needed to rewrite an app and make changes to our APIs. These are complicated tasks, but it proved no match for a Pangara engineer.”

Per Rundblom

CTO, Great People Applications

“I barely dare to think where we would have been if we hadn’t found Pangara. The biggest win has definitely been in terms of time saved.”

Mikael Lindberg Castell

CTO, Together Gaming

The futre of work

Frictionless collaboration powered by technology

We have entered a new era of work. Powered by unified communications technology, team members can now be a click away but located 2,000 miles apart. We are strong believers in the era of remote work where people are empowered to live and work from any location while being seamlessly connected through the Communications Cloud.