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Since the start, more than 500 tech professionals have qualified to join the Pangara's network. Our consultants are available both in Northern Europe and South East Asia where Sweden and Vietnam are our focus markets. We want to be seen as a trusted partner in tech professional sourcing in the new consultant-driven economy.

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The professional join your organisation as a flexible resource, as a extended part of an existing team or as part of a dedicated team.

Engagement Models

Flexible resources
Hire professionals that can join a short term project.
Extended team
Add full time resources to your existing team.
Dedicated teams
Deploy a team to support your product roadmap or client delivery long term.

Rigorously Qualified


Pangara’s Qualification Process

Application Screening: 90% THROUGHPUT

First, we thoroughly review each applicant’s CV and profile to determine if the applicant has sufficient experience (minimum 3 years) and skills to qualify to the next round.

Psychometric tests: 57% THROUGHPUT

If the applicant’s background and experience qualifies them to the next round, they are required to take our logical test and personal assessment via cut-e's assessment tools. This former measures the ability to handle complex work-tasks and problem-solving, while the latter measures the candidates’ communications skills and mindset when working directly with our clients.

Structured interview: 17% THROUGHPUT

As a third step, we’ll conduct a structured interview to evaluate the candidate’s English skills, drive, motivation, and work ethic. All candidates must be able to read, write, and speak proficient English. These are core strengths to executing a project to success. The interview consists of two parts, one part with predetermined questions and one part as an open dialogue.

Work sample: 5% THROUGHPUT

The fourth and final step is a technical coding test administered by Lytmus. Here is where we evaluate the applicant’s hard technical skills. If they master this test, they will be admitted into Pangara’s exclusive and competitive freelance developer network.

Hire From Our Pool of 500+ World-Class Tech Professionals

Take your pick. Our ever growing network has tech professionals skilled in virtually any programming language, platform, or framework.

What Our Customers Say

Read about what companies that have already started working with Pangara have to say

Pontus Backlund

CTO, Appspotr

"We've spent a long time looking for developers with no results. With Pangara, not only have we saved a great deal of time, but also money."

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Per Rundblom

Co-Founder, Great People Applications

We needed to rewrite an app and make changes to our APIs. These are complicated tasks, but it proved no match for a Pangara engineer.

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Mikael Lindberg Castell

CTO, Together Gaming

"I barely dare to think where we would have been if we hadn’t found Pangara. The biggest win has definitely been in terms of time saved."

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