Professional resource management & scheduling
Tech stack
ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB
Scaling effortlessly with a trusted tech-parnter

In early 2018, TimeEdit faced further expansion and growth. With an existing tech team with six developers, they needed to find additional talents. They were was faced with two choices: to hire new developers in Sweden or look at remote options.


TimeEdit had two main required skills of those they were looking for: seniority and motivation. Their experience was that the combination of seniority and motivation is difficult to find in Sweden why they contacted Pangara.


Pangara offered the combination that TimeEdit was looking for.


TimeEdit started with 2 FLEX developers over nine months (25h/w) and now TimeEdit is working effectivity and successfully with a team of 5 full-time developers, all of whom are located at Pangara’s office in central Saigon, as part of the Pangara Community.


Pangara headhunted every individual team member including a team leader to build a team that could work closely together. It took 4 weeks to find the Talents and the developers were able to start in 2-8 weeks.


The excellence in Pangara’s team together with their internal tech team enabled rapid development and continued growth. As TimeEdit expands quickly, they are in the greatest need of a well-functioning tech team..

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