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Pontus Backlund, CTO at AppSpotr, faced a massive challenge in 2018, filling headcounts for tech-related roles turned out to be a massive painpoint. The company had been looking to expand their development team for about six months, to no avail, when they encountered Pangara. Backlund came across Pangara by a colleague’s referral and just like that, the outsourcing process began. Backlund provided an overview of expectations and requirements of what he looked for in candidates looking to join his team.

Next, he was presented with a selection of handpicked developers that matched his needs to expand his development team. Lastly, Pangara took care of all the admin details and let them get to work. Here’s Backlund’s experience in his own words.

How Did You Solve Your Development Needs Before Pangara

Things moved at a much slower pace before we started working with Pangara. Most of the time, we waited patiently, and used contractors to a certain degree but there was always a delay. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a sustainable solution and we really needed something much more long-term in order for us to move forward. We discussed solutions with a few offshore contracting companies, but nothing seemed to meet our specific needs.

What Was Your Experience Working With Pangara like?

From start to finish, the experience has been great and we’d happily recommend Pangara to others. Our main contact has been with Filip Bengtsson and he has been a strong resource for us along the way making sure the transition went smoothly while also providing us with positive feedback and guidance.

How Was Your Experience with Pangara’s Developers?
Our developers worked out very well for us. We’ve had to set fairly high standards when it comes to proactive work and the ability to solve abstract problems without much input — which can be tough — but it has worked out very well. In addition, as far as communication goes, we never had any issues. All of the developers speak English extremely well. Overall, the results have definitely exceeded our expectations.
What Would You Say Is the Biggest Benefit with Pangara’s Developers?
The absolutely biggest benefit is having Pangara as a resource to find these qualified developers. It’s extremely tough in Scandinavia, and we’ve spent a very long time looking for expert developers and have come up with no results countless times.
How Has Pangara Helped You Reach Your Goals?
Our current Pangara developers have been assisting with our maintenance and core functions. This has given our other team members more time to focus on implementing new features as well as helping the company continue to move forward towards our goals. With Pangara, not only have we saved a great deal of time but also money.

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