How to Excel in the Online Freelance Industry

Freelancing has become the career of choice for today’s generation. Not only does it offer a more comfortable working environment but also freelancers are no longer tied down to one role. As a result of this, people have more freelance opportunities to explore across multiple industries. Many people think of online freelance as a part-time job but what most people don’t realize is that freelance work can become a full-time professional freelance career. All you really need is the commitment. The beauty of online freelance work is that the work can be done wherever or whenever without having to go into a physical office. Online freelancers have the luxury of working from home, a coffee shop, co-working space or more, all with the ability to bring their work along with them.

Don’t limit yourself to one freelance experience.

From an editor to a frontend developer, accountant, businessman, or even a motorbike taxi driver (more common in Vietnam), they can all be considered a freelancer. Today, most freelance careers are concentrated in writing, graphic design and information technology. It’s no coincidence that the need for online freelancers has grown. Now, many companies outsource their contractors for online freelance work, making the demand for freelancers much higher. And with the booming startup culture, there is no need to hire full-time employees to complete projects or a job while in the office; most of the work today can be done remotely.

Every profession has its pros and cons.

With the increasing day-to-day costs of office rent, utilities, employee benefits, in-house events, etc., businesses working with online freelancers end up saving more money. As a business owner with remote freelancer team, these expenses are allocated to other costs and benefit both parties. The down side of a freelance career is the minimal benefits and at times, income. A freelancer is not liable for any specific company’s benefits(health, financial, etc.) without being locked in as an employee. It is also difficult to have full-time clients. Cash flow one month could be very high or very low. In order to keep the pay checks coming, freelancers must possess strong self-discipline. It’s important to hustle to get work and to keep those pay checks coming. The amount of time and effort they put into the work is how much they’ll get out of it. Freelancers who can successfully build strong relationships with clients will create more freelance opportunities for themselves. It becomes a domino effect for future clients and referrals. Freelancers juggle multiple projects at once and if there’s any hint of procrastination, this can be detrimental to reaching one’s goal and deadline. The demanding workload and flexible work environment weed out a good amount of freelancers which in turn, creates more of a niche pool of talent today.

Freelancer vs. a salesperson.

Many people compare a freelancer to that of a salesperson. Both wear many hats whether in marketing and advertising their own brand. From negotiation skills to attracting their clients and following up with a sale, both go hand in hand. Freelancers may not be very successful in acquiring and keeping clients in the long run if they do not possess these skills. It’s important to note, a freelance career is not for everyone. Some people are better suited for the office environment and this isn’t a bad thing. A big part of one’s career is finding the type of work environment that is best suited for them. Once this is done, success will follow. So what do you say, are you ready to give it a try? All it takes is one simple click of a button. Whether it’s your first time trying out online freelance or your 10th time, we’re here to help. Simply click, ‘Apply as a Pangara Talent,’ and start your freelance experience today. We look for top tech talent and we look forward to working with you.
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