7 Skills You Should Look For When Hiring A Web Developer

You are in the process of hiring a web developer. The final ten CVs have landed on your desk ready to be called in for interviews. Each one ticks all of the boxes: they can fix bugs, they are masters of WordPress, they can create custom frameworks, and to top it off, they are the bee’s knees when it comes to JavaScript. But can they really deliver? And what else should you consider when hiring a permanent or freelance web developer? Your online image and reputation rest on the talent and expertise of your freelance developer. Their personal strengths and traits also play a key role in how your project is managed. Yes, technical skills are of the utmost importance, but interpersonal skills should not be overshadowed by them. Technical geniuses can sometimes be hard to manage, so striking a balance between the two is crucial. Here are seven tips to make hiring a web developer just a little bit easier:

1. Commitment

Hire a web developer who is committed to honor your company’s values and vision. For the time they are working on your project — nothing else, big or small must interfere with what they are building for you. Individual commitment to a group effort is paramount. Ensure you ask your developer what else they are working on, and work it out if they can dedicate themselves fully to the task at hand if your project calls for full-time hours.

2. Experience

Make sure you are working with the true representation of experience for the job in hand. People sometimes bend the truth to win a contract or try and skip a rung on the ladder. Be sure any potential web developers can match what they say with what they can do. Your candidates must meet your criteria with real life working examples. If you choose to go through a recruitment company, most of them have strict screening processes to ensure that you work with only the most skilled web developers out there.

3. Communication

Hiring a web developer who communicates with your vision, your team, and you as an individual are the foundations of a successful project. Your developer needs to present a clear plan of action for the project. Regular updates and contact are important to keep the project on track especially if you’re managing your freelancer remotely. If you don’t hit it off with your developer on a personable level — it may cause problems later, which could jeopardize the bigger picture.

4. Passion

Passion is the energy that will turn your notion into something special. If your developer isn’t passionate and excited about your idea then maybe you should look into hiring somewhere else. A passionate web developer is not only someone who will work positively with your vision but they will also go above and beyond to make your ideas come to life.

5. Trustworthiness

In anything and everything, we do trust is essential. When you hire a web developer, there isn’t a difference. If you have even a splinter of doubt about whether your developer can be entrusted with protecting and realizing what you have set out to do, run a mile and don’t look back! More importantly, trust yourself to make the right decision on who is best for the job, and be sure to listen to your instincts.

6. Aptitude

Technology is advancing all the time and new skills are constantly needed in order to adapt to new innovations. Hiring a web developer with a high aptitude for learning new things helps you stay ahead of the competition. Make sure your freelance developer has their finger on the pulse and knows how to adjust when something out of their comfort zone comes along. Ask about something new they have learned recently.

7. Determination

Success is enjoyed through hard work and determination, rarely is it destined. A determined freelance developer is your best friend. They are someone who can understand the effects an unanswered deadline can have on a company. Ideally, they are someone who is willing and able to overcome any problems which may occur at any cost. Ask about a problem they have recently resolved.

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