4 Tips on How to Find Freelancer Jobs in the Tech Industry

Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to finding freelance jobs in the tech industry. Once you’ve decided to join the freelance world, there are a few things to consider on how to get freelance work. We’ve compiled a few pointers to get you there. 4 Tips on How to Find Freelancer Jobs in the Tech Industry

1. Strong CV

Your CV should include a summary of your skills, previous freelancer job experiences along with your portfolio of freelance IT projects. Make sure you highlight areas where you’ve developed certain skills that might be noteworthy in this specific type of work. A strong CV puts you ahead of the other freelancers applying for that one particular position. 4 Tips on How to Find Freelancer Jobs in the Tech Industry

2. Create Your Own Products & Make it Known

You aren’t a web developer or an app builder unless you are continuously building up your portfolio. This goes for any type of freelancer jobs. This not only helps you build up your portfolio of freelance IT projects but it also helps you perfect your craft. In addition, if you have a profile of products and you are confident with your projects, it is helpful to share your coding links with your potential client. 4 Tips on How to Find Freelancer Jobs in the Tech Industry

3. Set up Interviews with a Tech Recruiter

This is where we’ll come in. At Pangara, we help you find the right freelance jobs for your skills and expertise in the tech industry. Regardless of whether you’re a full-stack developer or a Java programmer, we’ll get you work. Simply, apply as a freelancer on our website and fill out your profile. Once you’ve completed your profile, our Talent Manager will contact you. This is where you can be completely open and honest about your experience. Our Talent Managers can better understand what type of project load best suits you, what type of communication skills you have, and so on. Let them know about your strengths and weaknesses, freelance developer jobs and overall experience. In addition to speaking with our Talent Manager, you will also speak with our Technical Architect. Here is where you can showcase all of your tech-savvy skills and previous freelancer jobs. By speaking to both of these specialists, we can help you find the freelance developer jobs that are best suited for you. 4 Tips on How to Find Freelancer Jobs in the Tech Industry

4. Clients

Once you’ve been qualified as a Pangara Talent, we will assist in setting up meetings with potential clients. The freelance IT projects may vary but we are determined to find the best match for you. With that being said, if there aren’t available freelancer jobs available, you will be put on a waiting list. In addition, while preparing for client meetings, use this opportunity to showcase your skills. Do your homework. Make sure you’ve done all of your research on the client and their company or product. Offer up your take on an existing product. Is there a popular website our app out that you can showcase your own skills on? Could you re-design it to show the client where your skills lie? Most importantly, this will show them you’re willing to go the extra mile to prove your talent to them. This will pay off in the end.
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