Top 5 Benefits of Managing a Remote Team

Ever considered building your own remote team? It’s more common today than you may think. Don’t let distance get in the way when it comes to building a successful remote team. Here are some benefits on why this movement will only help you move forward with your business.

1. Tap Into the Global Talent Pool

This is where the beauty of freelancer platforms lie. These platforms enable you to choose from a large pool of talent not just from one region but from all over the world. Currently, in many countries, there is a big demand for skilled developers, but finding and qualifying this type of remote talent is the hard part. Without moving from your chair you can find skilled, pre-tested, top tech talents that are ready to work for you. This also allows you the opportunity to be more picky, search for specific skill sets and hire talent on short-term contracts.

2. Great Flexibility for Both You & Your Remote Team

There’s nothing better than setting up your own working hours. This kind of flexibility is not only great for you but also for your freelancers. You may have finished your work day and your freelancers are still going at it due to different times zones. Another key element that comes into play here is timeliness. Most professional freelancers have got the hang of things and understand how to manage their own workload which in turn makes them want to get the job done effectively and efficiently. When your freelancers are happy, you’re happy.

3. Better Price & Performance Ratio

By having a remote freelancer team, this limits many of the day-to-day expenses that come with your office environment. Think about all of the costs you can cut here, travel time to and from the office, monthly office expenses like rent, electricity, maintenance, the list goes on. Without having these pesky expenses, a bigger cut can go towards the freelancers which in turn, produces higher performance. This cost performance ratio trickles down to the client as well making everyone happy in the end.

4. Curated Platforms Enable You to Focus on Your Core Business

Finding and qualifying top tech talent takes time. Lots of time. And if you want top results from your developers you have to have a strict qualification process. It isn’t good enough to stick with your gut feeling and go off of a few references. It’s important to have a structure and a process that measures not only their tech skills, but also indicates their general mental ability and estimates if they would be a good fit for your team. Luckily today, new curated freelancer platforms are able to do this for you by setting up a number of tests that will, via data – not ‘gut feeling’, tell you how well a tech talent will perform over time. Pangara being one of them.

5. Working Globally with Brilliant Minds

With a remote team that spans globally, each member is exposed to different trends, values, and experiences of that region. This can be extremely beneficial when coming up with new ideas or trying to take your product to the next level. Many skilled freelancers out there tend to have a great deal of experience with a variety of different businesses. Every job they’ve worked on for each client has been unique in its own way. Working in these different industries and the experiences gained from each job extends far beyond that one specific task.
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