Rigorously Qualified

Our rigorous screening process is executed by a team of experts to ensure we identify the top 5% of developers across a plethora of categories.

Pangara implements a unique and competitive qualification process to screen and identify top developers. Not only do we strive to highlight individuals who are experts across a range coding languages, but we also hand select people who showcase motivation, the ability to solve problems, and provide clear and timely English communication.


Pangara’s Qualification Process

Application Screening: 90% THROUGHPUT

First, we thoroughly review each applicant’s CV and profile to determine if the applicant has sufficient experience (minimum 3 years) and skills to qualify to the next round.

Psychometric tests: 57% THROUGHPUT

If the applicant’s background and experience qualifies them to the next round, they are required to take our logical test and personal assessment via cut-e's assessment tools. This former measures the ability to handle complex work-tasks and problem-solving, while the latter measures the candidates’ communications skills and mindset when working directly with our clients.

Structured interview: 17% THROUGHPUT

As a third step, we’ll conduct a structured interview to evaluate the candidate’s English skills, drive, motivation, and work ethic. All candidates must be able to read, write, and speak proficient English. These are core strengths to executing a project to success. The interview consists of two parts, one part with predetermined questions and one part as an open dialogue.

Work sample: 5% THROUGHPUT

The fourth and final step is a technical coding test administered by Lytmus. Here is where we evaluate the applicant’s hard technical skills. If they master this test, they will be admitted into Pangara’s exclusive and competitive freelance developer network.

Effortless hiring

When it comes to finding the right developer to fit your needs, Pangara offers a 100% catered and flexible hiring experience from start to finish.

With us, you can easily find and hire top developers to suit your needs in terms of scale, skill, and role whether you’re looking for someone on an hourly basis, part-time or to join your team for a more long term position.

Work directly with qualified developers — on demand

Pangara provides top freelance developers for your needs. We prepare our talent to easily integrate into your environment and team, based on your needs. Whether you’re looking to build a team from the ground up or in search of a single freelancer, we’ll set you up.

Easy collaboration

Aside from ensuring our developers have excellent skills in English, we also test their ability for clear, concise, and timely communication. This includes status updates as well as proposing new solutions. In addition, they have strong experience with various project management, collaboration, and communication tools to ensure smooth integration into your team.

Various technology stacks

Pangara offers developers from virtually any technology stack, regardless of popularity. We offer front end as well as back end developers, along with quality assurance, designers and so on — ultimately providing a comprehensive solution to any company. Tell us what experience level you’re looking for, and we’ll be sure to present you with a perfect match.

Scale with no hassle...

You might start small and suddenly realize you need to rapidly increase the size of your development team. No problem. With Pangara you can quickly and easily scale your team up or down, depending on your specific needs. Our flat rate allows you to quickly scale at an affordable, transparent price, with zero surprises.

...from wherever you are

With clients from Sweden to Singapore to the United States, and beyond — distance is never an issue with Pangara. Our global reach allows us to work in any country and in any time zone. We make sure you can always easily connect with our developers working remotely from anywhere in the world.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Our thorough qualification process and dedicated support go hand in hand with our top priority: your satisfaction.

No recruiting fee, no termination costs

We charge no recruiting fee for finding you developers, which means there are no surprises or hidden fees. In addition, if you choose to discontinue working with your developer, there are no termination fees. We handle all the recruiting, administration, and contracts for you and you only pay for the hours completed by the developer.