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First, sign up and upload your CV. Next, our staff will review your profile to determine if you have sufficient experience and skills to qualify to the next round.

Logical Challenge
Qualification Challenges

Next up, we measure your ability to handle complex work tasks, such as software development. This is done via a cognitive tool and a personality test.

Coding Challenge
Coding Challenge

The third step is a technical challenge called the Devskiller test. Here is your opportunity to shine and show us your hard technical skills. If you can master the Devskiller test, you’re in!


As the fourth and final step, we’ll have an interview to evaluate your English skills and work ethic. It consists of two parts, one part with predetermined questions and one part as an open dialogue.

How Does It Work?

Pangara connects top professionals with clients. To become a Pangara consultant, you must first pass our qualification process. Once you’re in, we’ll introduce you top notch projects.

How Do I Get Work?

Being selected for a client assignment is your main goal with Pangara. Our team will work hard to find you projects. When we find something suitable for you, we’ll invite you to interview with the client to see if it’s a good fit.

How Do Payments Work?

When you are working for a client through Pangara, you will keep track of your hours worked and send in a report. We will create an invoice based on your hours and send it to you for verification. As soon as it's approved, we will invoice the client and pay you via TransferWise once we’ve received payment from the client.

Top Questions We Hear Our Professionals Ask

A logical challenge or a cognitive test is a well-known and evidence based way to see how well a person can handle intricate tasks in a complex environment. This kind of challenge is commonly used by our clients when they recruit people to complete advanced and complex work.

It may take up to 35 days from the moment your time report is submitted until the money is transferred into your account.

We will pay you once a month based on your time report. We have a 30-day payment period with our clients. The additional five days are for us to hold the invoice from the moment you submit it to us and the moment we send it to the client to avoid any room for error.

Once we receive our payment from the client we will immediately pay out the corresponding amount to your TransferWise account.

Of course!

You will always receive support and help from us during an assignment for a client. Examples of support can be time reporting, payment, and we will support you if there will be any misunderstandings with the client (which, in our experience, are exceedingly rare).

However, Pangara isn't managing the actual assignment. The client is your project leader for the specific project you are working with.

Yes, indeed we do. When we meet our clients and they register with Pangara, we always check their financial background and make sure they have all of the necessary documentations in place. In addition, when the client requests a consultant's service, we qualify the request to make sure it is relevant.

Please do! It's our true belief that everybody improves over time. If you don't pass the qualification process the first time around, don’t worry. We encourage you to apply again after 3 months.

Why You Should Join Pangara

  • Earn a top market rate
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