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The professional join your organisation as a flexible resource, as a extended part of an existing team or as part of a dedicated team.

How Does Pangara Qualify Its Professionals?

The qualification process is at the core of Pangara. We ensure all of our professionals have outstanding English, technical, and communication skills. Additionally, we ensure they have strong cognitive abilities and are highly motivated. Learn more about our qualification process here.

How Do Payments Work?

With the consultant’s time report as a guide, we will invoice you at the beginning of the month. The pay period is based on 30 days net and all prices are in USD. Clients in Sweden pay via Bankgiro and overseas clients can pay via bank transfer.

How Do I Work With Pangara Professionals?

View the professionals as your new team member. How you both work together is ultimately up to you, but we are happy to guide you through this process should you need advice. Rest assured, all of our professionals are top-notch team members.

Top Questions We Hear Our Customers Ask

All Pangara professionals have a computer, Internet access, and a Skype account. If you wish to use other tools, it’s up to you. Regardless which tools you prefer to use, our consultants will adapt.

We always try to give you the opportunity to receive, review, and interview more than one professional per assignment. And you, only you, have the final say in who you choose to contract.

Given this, we are aware that things sometimes don’t end up the way they are supposed to. If something happens during the project, we are always available to assist you. If needed, we can swiftly find a new consultant for you.

We strive to always have a dynamic network of professionals available to begin an assignment with the drop of a hat. In most cases, you should expect to receive a selection of available professionals within 72 hours.

At times, it might take a bit longer. For example, if you work with niche programming languages or have special requirements. However, we will always keep you in the loop so you know the status of the qualification process.

All of our consultants sign a general NDA when they are qualified via our process, as well as an agreement with clauses covering IPR. As a client, you can also provide your own specific NDA if you wish. The client owns all legal rights to everything created by our consultants.

Then Pangara should be your first choice! We are aware of the fact that it's difficult to know exactly what technical skills a consultant should have, how long the project might take, etc.

This is why we always contact you as soon as you have registered on our webpage. We can assist you so the project outline and technical skills required will be catered to your needs. This part of the process is just as important for us as it is for you. We will support you throughout each stage of the project.

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