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Featured Front End Developers


Frontend Web Developer

Anh is an ideal Pangara developer due to his vast experience ranging from building real-time web and mobile application using PhoneGap technology. Thanks to being involved in website projects, Anh is confident about his good eye for design.


Senior Full Stack Developer

Vu is one of our talented developers whose expertise is focusing on both the server side and client side of the web. Majoring in JavaScript, Vu possesses an immense knowledge of this language's popular frameworks such as ReactJS, AngularJS and NodeJS.

Front End Developer

A Front End Developer is someone who is responsible for the visual interface and interaction development within an application. Front end development typically uses tools like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Companies hire a front end developer to handle the interfaces needed for users to access the content and tools of an application. On the web, front end developers commonly use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create web pages that are visually appealing and understandable to users. Front end developers also typically need some knowledge of visual design and back end solutions in order to meet style and back end integration requirements.

Finding Front End Help

With the growth in mobile apps and constant evolution of web design, front end developers have become highly sought after. The search for a front end programmer becomes even more challenging when you need someone well-versed in a particular JavaScript framework or capable of using advanced CSS techniques.

Fortunately, Pangara can help you find these in-demand professionals.

Hire a Front End with Pangara

Pangara can find you the best front end programmer to meet your developer requirements. We have access to the top professional Southeast Asian developers and will find you the right professional developer to help you. Whether you need a programmer with extensive JavaScript library knowledge or an eye for visual design, we can find the right person for you.

Pangara thoroughly screens it’s freelancer applicants to ensure they have the right knowledge, and only submits the most qualified candidates. We stand behind our selection process and offer a 2-week guarantee for anyone you hire.

Our commitment and process makes it possible to find and hire the best front end talent and makes it affordable to retain them. If you’re looking for front end freelancers, then contact Pangara to learn how our freelancer hiring process works.