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Full Stack Developer

With 5 years’ experience working in the software development, Phuc has broadened his skill set with two dominant programming languages: PHP and JavaScript. He is also familiar with games building technologies and software testing.

Hire NodeJS Developer Hua Do Gia Khang at Pangara

Full Stack Developer

As a Pangara freelancer, Khanh is seasoned front end expert. With his careful and detail-oriented approach to issues, he ensures the highest quality in any project he contributes to. This is proven by his Best Contributor Award in 2015 at Pyco Group.

Back End Developer

A Back End Developer is someone who is responsible for the database management, user authentication, server configuration, etc. of an application.

Backend development refers to the combination server-side programming, databases, and integrations that give applications their ability to find, access, edit, and serve information to users. Working on a backend requires knowing a server-side programming language like Java or PHP and database programming languages such as SQL caching. You need to hire a Backend developer to build efficient and scalable applications.

Finding Back End Developers

Every web application requires a backend. This includes everything from SaaS services to content management systems, to social networks. The challenge of finding a backend programmer and the cost for retaining them have both continued to increase as startups and other companies vie for the skills they need.

If your organization is having trouble finding backend developers to hire, then Pangara can help.

Hire a Back End Developer with Pangara

Pangara taps into a network of highly-skilled Southeast Asian developers to help organizations find the Backend freelancer they need at affordable rates. We have access to the top Southeast Asian professional freelancer talent and will find the right professional to meet your needs.

At Pangara, we thoroughly screen all freelancer applicants to confirm they have the best Backend developer skills for your specific project, timeframe, and budget. We stand by our screening process and offer a 2-week guarantee for each hire.

Our commitment and process make it possible to reach the best Backend talent and makes it affordable to retain them. If you’re looking for Backend freelancers or other developers, then contact Pangara to learn more about our roster of talented freelancers and how our process works.