Featured C# Developers


Full Stack Developer

Tan has a long history working with both client side and server side development. Owing to that, he has acquired an immense knowledge of C# and .NET technologies through many projects. Furthermore, Tan has quite an experience dealing with Scandinavian clients during the time working at CodeIT AS. His dynamism and high sense of responsibility make him an ambassador for Pangara.


Full Stack Developer

Kiet is a talented developer who has joined in various product releases which have been used by hundreds of thousands of users. Having spent more than 5 years in the field of technology, he has a solid foundation in developing both client-side and server-side. Not only is Kiet an expert in programming languages such as C#, ASP.NET and JavaScript, he also has experience with frameworks like ASP.NET MVC, ReactJs and KnockoutJS.


C# is a general object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. The language is used with XML-based Web services on the .NET platform and designed for improving productivity in the development of web applications.

The language is part of the Common Language Infrastructure and is considered both highly portable and strongly structured. Companies generally hire a C# developer for both large-scale applications and simpler, single-function use-cases. As part of .NET, it is also applicable to web projects.

Finding C# Programmers

C# programmers are not as common as other language programmers because it started as a Microsoft project and is still largely driven by them. In recent years, Microsoft has loosened usage restrictions, but companies can still find it hard to find a developer with a lot of practical, hands-on C# experience.

Fortunately, Pangara can help.

Hire a C# Developer with Pangara

Pangara helps organizations find top C# freelancer talent to support their software development needs. We can connect you with the best professional Southeast Asian developers possessing the right mix of high-level understanding and hands-on experience to meet your needs and at a rate that fits your budget.

Each of our freelancer applicants is carefully screened to confirm they have the developer experience to succeed. This means the developer you hire is able to join your team and begin contributing immediately. We believe in our screening process and offer a 2-week guarantee to prove it.

Our commitment and process make it possible to reach the best C# talent, screen them for fit, and hire them at an affordable rate. If you need a programmer for your project, then contact us to discover how our process works and how we can help.