Featured C Developers


Full Stack Developer

Nguyen has held many positions including technical leader and developer. He loves coding and loves to learn new technology. Moreover, further to being a Fullstack developer, Nguyen also has a deep understanding about mobile applications and mobile games and has the ability to solve problems between native apps and server side.


Algorithm Developer

Nam is not only a young passionate lecturer in Vietnam but also a talented researcher whose experts are Algorithm Implementation, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Embedded System with C/C++ language.


C is a general-purpose language that was originally developed by Dennis M. Ritchie and first appeared in 1972. Today, many companies use C as it is fast, portable and available in all platforms.

C is a general purpose programming language that can be used in many applications, today mainly in complex operating systems and embedded systems. It is an extremely popular programming language with compilers available for most operating systems and architectures. Many companies are looking to hire a C developer due to their versatility.

Finding a C Programmer

C is used in a wide array of software applications and consequently C programming is always in demand. However, many programmers have spent their careers using object-oriented languages like C rather than imperative-based languages like C. This means that organizations often have difficulty finding an experienced C programmer that can support their legacy systems, or build new desktop and web capabilities in C.

This is where Pangara can help.

Hire a C Developer with Pangara 

Pangara can help you hire top C developers to support your software development. Our talent roster includes top professional Southeast Asian developers and can help you hire a programmer with the right skills to build new applications in C or help you maintain existing ones.

All freelancer applicants are carefully screened by Pangara to be certain they have the right level of C developer experience to meet your requirements. We offer a 2-week guarantee on new hires as evidence of our complete confidence in our screening process.

Our process lets you reach the best C developer talent and makes it affordable to hire them. If your organization needs a C freelancer or another type of developer, then contact Pangara today and learn how our process can work for you.