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Vu Hoai Nam

Algorithm Developer

Nam is not only a young passionate lecturer in Vietnam but also a talented researcher whose expertise are Algorithm Implementation, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Embedded System with C/C++.

C# C++ Embedded System
Nguyen Ai Quoc

BI Developer

Quoc is an experienced software engineer specializing in database and BI solutions. Having completed various projects with a strong focus on SQL, C# and .NET framework since 2010, Quoc has in-depth and up-to-date knowledge in this field.


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What Our Clients Say About Us

The Pangara team took me through the process of finding a top tier developer with not only great coding skills, but also with great communication skills and fantastic motivation.

Collin Crowell

Founder & CEO, Maxer

We needed to rewrite an app and make changes to our APIs. These are complicated tasks, but it proved no match for a Pangara engineer.

Per Rundblom

Co-Founder, Great People Applications

We needed a programmer with very niche skills. Pangara found us one that fit our technical needs perfectly and one who spoke fluent English.

Elizabeth Davey

Co-Founder, AddressAdvisor

C# is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. The language is part of the Common Language Infrastructure and is considered both highly portable and strongly structured. Companies generally hire a C# developer for both large-scale applications and simpler, single-function use-cases. As part of .NET, it is also applicable to web projects.

Finding C# Developers

C# programmers are not as common as other language programmers because C# started as a Microsoft project and is still largely driven by them. In recent years, Microsoft has loosened usage restrictions, but companies can still find it hard to find a developer with a lot of practical, hands-on C# experience.

Fortunately, Pangara can help.

Hire a C# Developer with Pangara

Pangara helps organizations find top C# freelancer talent to support their software development needs. We can connect you with the best professional Southeast Asian developers possessing the right mix of high-level understanding and hands-on experience to meet your needs and at a rate that fits your budget.

Each of our freelancer applicants is carefully screened to confirm they have the C# developer experience to succeed. This means the developer you hire is able to join your team and begin contributing immediately. We believe in our screening process and offer a 2-week guarantee to prove it.

Our commitment and process makes it possible to reach the best C# talent, screen them for fit, and hire them at an affordable rate. If you need a C# programmer for your project, then contact us to discover how our process works and how we can help.

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