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Software Engineer

Quoc is a passionate developer who fell in love with coding and programming.

In his free time, he loves reading IT books and documents to learn more about new and cutting-edge technologies.


Senior .NET Developer

Dai has an impressive professional profile and stood out from the crowd to capture Pangara’s attention. With a decade of solid experience in this industry, he is confident in delivering high quality products and maintain stable working performance.


.NET is a free and open-source platform developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. With .NET, people can use multiple languages, editors, and libraries to build for web, mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT.

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.NET is a powerful programming language for enterprise application developers working in a Windows environment. The language allows a programmer to create complex applications for both the web and desktop. Key features include the built-in Framework Class Library and language.

Finding .NET Pros

Being a Microsoft project, and not initially having inexpensive developer tools, has meant .NET adoption has been strongest among companies already leveraging other MS technologies like SharePoint. This can make it challenging to find and hire a professional with the necessary .NET experience. There is .NET freelancer talent out there, but it’s not as readily available as for other programming language.

This is where Pangara can help.

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If you’re looking for the best .NET freelancers to support your application development, then consider working with us to find the right professional. Pangara can connect you with a top Southeast Asian developer that matches your needs in terms of .NET expertise and project cost.

Pangara is unique because we carefully screen all freelancer applicants to ensure they have the skills and experience to succeed. This means you can trust that the developer has the right qualifications to deliver your desired results on-time and on-budget. We are so confident in our selection process that we offer a 2-week guarantee.

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