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Ky is an experienced iOS developer, who's been programming for over 5 years. His expertise centers around Swift, CoreAnimation, CocoaPods, and more. Besides these, his strong experience with UX/UI is also highly noticeable.


Senior Software Engineer

Nguyen is a highly skilled software engineer with professional experience in application development, implementation, deployment and also team management. He has a dedicated and proactive approach to technical issues, and can fluently develop mobile application in both iOS and Android using various programming languages and frameworks.


iOS is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for Apple's devices. It is the second most popular mobile operating system globally after Android.

Looking to Hire an iOS Developer: What You Need to Know

What is iOS?

iOS is, simply, the heart of Apple’s portable devices. iPhones and iPads both rely on iOS for their core user experience and much like Windows or Android, iOS is the first thing you see when you load up your device, and the last thing you see when you shut it down. iOS is the very essence of the iPhone user experience and any app developed for iPhone must conform to the iOS ethos.

iOS is not a language, rather a family of languages, rules and applications that make up the central user experience of any Apple device.

This is an important distinction to make because iOS is not a language. It’s an operating system that is built on a philosophy of simplicity and elegance and one that, underneath it all, is built on two core languages.

Most importantly, understanding what languages are needed is vital to making sure you hire the right developer. There are two languages at the core of iOS app development: Objective C and Swift.

Objective C

Because C, in one guise or another, has been around for quite some time, it has always had a huge advantage over Swift. In addition, many developers have been able to make the transition from other platforms to app development, finding themselves fully capable of the iOS variant.

This alone accounts for the sheer volume of apps written in Objective C: it is based on the most ubiquitous app language in the world and so has been eagerly adopted by developers from a huge variety of backgrounds, keen to get a foothold in mobile app development.

Alongside the vast amount of developers, C’s age has another, crucial benefit: stability. Because it has been around for a while, it has been subject to an unparalleled amount of debugging. The resulting stability is a huge draw for developers who, understandably, want a product they can be sure is going to be easy to maintain and unlikely to require a lengthy beta-test phase.

Objective C is the language that most iOS developers understand, and it’s arguably the one that can most reliably get you the results you want. With that being said, it does have its drawbacks. Because it’s rooted in C, it inevitably comes with various archaic shadows of the past.

And any language that is built on the principles of yesteryear’s tech is inevitably going to be hindered by outdated protocols and redundant, dead code. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it would appear to be on its way out, or at least so Apple would have you believe.


Swift is the new kid on the block. While relatively few developers are as savvy with Swift as they are with Objective C, Apple is pushing for developers to adopt Swift. Given the company’s track record for steering the course of technological evolution, it seems inevitable that the time will come where the option to use Objective C simply isn’t there.

So, Objective C is a good go-to for the time being, but the future seems to be focused on Swift. A developer with a good working knowledge of both languages would therefore be the ideal candidate, although each project varies depending on a variety of factors.

Beyond Language

There is another factor to think about, one that can barely be conveyed with mere words: ‘The Apple experience.’ Think about the UI of the iPhone: its clean layout; the simple way in which you can switch from app to app; the flow and ease of use.

The best iOS developers can take these core principles and incorporate them into your app design to create an interface that gels seamlessly into the Apple user experience. The way in which this is executed depends entirely on what your end-goals are. But a good iOS developer will be able to take your vision and make it work within the environment Apple provides.

Why Use iOS?

Simply put, iOS IS Apple. SO if you want to be present on any portable Apple device, iOS is essential. Apple is a legend in its own right, the iPhone and iPad essentially revolutionised computing as we know it, taking state-of-the-art technology off the desktop and into our hands.

Mobile apps that exclude Apple users are missing out on a huge market, and one which year after year, is more likely to spend money on apps, and have more disposable income than their Android counterparts.

That’s not to say that Android isn’t important too, but the size of Apple’s market share, and the affluence of its core demographic is such that iOS development is vital to any app’s success.

Pros of iOS?

  • iOS products are considered premium and are potentially targeted to a more lucrative group of people
  • Easy to develop, only a small set of hardware and OS to support and in regards to UI standardisation
  • It is a standard toolchain where most problems faced have been solved before
  • Higher quality than Android

Cons of iOS?

  • Apple must provide approval for every app released (this can delay vital fixes, etc.)
  • If the app is not approved by Apple, then it cannot be pursued any further.
  • Due to the high quality of the system, beta apps will be rejected. It must be a fully functional app in order to be approved.
  • Difficult to be differentiated amongst the crowd, especially with the app store showing a small number of search results.
  • When a user searches for apps, the reviews are only shown for the current version of the app. They reset on every update you issue which can affect your sales.

Examples of iOS

Every killer app of the last ten years has, in part, has top-end iOS coding to thank for its high standing. Without superb iOS development, the biggest names in the app market today would have stagnated before they even began to take off.

A clean interface, logical flow and fault-free user experience are central to keeping your customers engaged, and there is simply no other way to ensure that sort of response than by employing a skilled iOS developer.

The scope of iOS apps is limited only by your imagination. Take some of the top apps of the last few years, all of whom have, in part, have stellar iOS development to thank for their success.

Uber's iOS app

With a clean UI and relatively simple back-end, Uber shook the world with its market-killing design. Uber put people in need of a lift in touch with drivers who fancied making a bit of extra cash.

The simple yet intuitive idea was translated into an ingeniously clean and user-friendly app by their team of coders, and the rest is history: Uber is now worth billions and continues to make headlines around the world as it turns the taxi industry on its head.

Facebook's iOS app


While Facebook’s incredible story started out as a simple website, its app now accounts for a huge part of its meteoric growth, and with it a massive percentage of the company’s revenue. Controversial in its scope and the amount of permissions it requires, it has nonetheless guided the way for the monetisation of social media, with its incredible IPO of over a BILLION dollars attributed to its potential for super-targeted mobile advertising revenue.

Twitter's iOS app


Much like Facebook, Twitter started out online, but the 140 character limit for tweets was driven by its focus on mobile users. It was initially thought that users would SMS their tweets rather than use the app.

It was the evolution of Twitter as a mobile app though that transformed Twitter into the go-to source for up-to-the-second news, connecting people and spreading ideas and information in a way that had never been seen before.

In fact, the incredible fluidity of information that Twitter provided was cited as a major trigger of the Arab Spring revolutions, due to its use by activists as a communication tool.

Tinder's iOS app



Dating app Tinder has changed the way people date, for better or for worse. Initially derided by many as a seedy, reductive and shallow endeavour, Tinder was always going to be a controversial app. But the way in which the company’s developers utilised the modern touch-screen phone’s gesture-based controls, specifically, swiping, ensured that Tinder became synonymous with the gesture as a whole. ‘Swipe left’, ‘Swipe Right’…

Tinder has essentially owned these terms due to the way it so simply yet effectively utilised the simplicity of the iPhone’s UI in its build.

What to Look for When You Hire an iOS Developer

Aside from a working understanding of both Objective C and Swift, a good iOS developer should be able to think spatially, and have the ability to use reasoning and to figure out ideas in 3D. iOS developers are the vital connection between your ideas, your objectives, wireframing and of course, the end-result. A great iOS developer will ensure that a good idea can be turned into an app with seamless, intuitive usability and a logical, simple user experience. The impact this will have on your bottom line is immense.

Finding Talented iOS Developers

If you want your app to be seen by the right kind of users and, more importantly, hold their interest and engagement from first contact right through to the point of sale — a clean, usable iOS app is absolutely vital. Creating an app that makes your design work with elegance and ease of use is a complex job, and one which should only be undertaken by the absolute best in the business.

Pangara has a solid track record for seeking out the most talented iOS developers out there and ensuring that your app doesn’t just get made well, but with style, efficiency and class.

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Pangara takes the screening and selection of our developers incredibly seriously. In fact, we’re so confident in our candidates that we offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee for every hire.

We know that your project needs qualified, skilled and professional IOS developers and we have built a top-end process to bring the best of the best to you. Our commitment and process make finding a qualified and an affordable developer easy.

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