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Full Stack PHP Developer

Huy is an enthusiastic Full-stack developer who works hard to find innovative solutions for challenging problems and improve the effectiveness of every system he builds. Taking part in 7 web and system development projects, Huy has achieved strong proficiency in his technical skills such as PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails and Backbone.js.


Full Stack Developer

Gifted with numerical analysing ability, Tuan Anh has shown to be an outstanding developer in creating robust, scalable and clean code. Having spent more than 11 years in the field of technology, he has gained a solid foundation in programming using PHP, JavaScript, and Backbone.js. Moreover, Tuan Anh is excelled at CMS like Drupal, Wordpress and also familiar with frameworks such as Zend, Laravel, React JS.


Backbone.js is a JavaScript library. Based on the Model–view–presenter application design paradigm, the library has a RESTful JSON interface and is generally known for being a lightweight option. Mostly, Backbone.js is used to develop single-page web applications and for synchronizing various aspects of web applications.

Backbone.js is a JavaScript framework designed for easier web application component synchronization across large applications. It is commonly used for single-page applications but is well-suited to any situation where developers need to manage a large number of libraries, functions and declarations. In addition, Backbone.js brings structure and modularity to JavaScript applications, as well as, a cleaner way to connect to backends.

Therefore, those looking to hire a Backbone.js developer should ensure that the developer has a strong understanding of JavaScript. (And familiarity with the MV (model-viewer) patterns).

Finding a Backbone.js Developer

Almost any JavaScript programmer can use Backbone.js, but there is a learning curve when developing larger web applications. Organizations can find it hard to hire a talented Backbone.js programmer that possesses hands-on experience with Backbone’s models, collections and event-listeners.

But Pangara can help you find them.

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