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Full Stack Developer

Hieu can come across as a happy-go-lucky guy when you talk to him outside of work, but when he’s in front of a computer screen his obsessive attention to detail may surprise you. He does his job with extreme caution and precision, which often motivates spurs-on his team to do the same.


Full Stack Developer

Dang stands out from the crowd with his in-depth technical knowledge and his intellectual communication ability. As for technological skills, he is an expert in ReactJS, ReduxJS, NodeJS and MongoDB. Though being a young developer, he has taken a leading position early in his career and is always highly appreciated by his team members.


MongoDB is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemas.

MongoDB is an opensource NoSQL database solution that uses a document-oriented approach to managing data. MongoDB has grown in popularity along with the MEAN stack. Generally, companies hire MongoDB developers when they expect high write loads or the need to scale databases to handle a large number of records.

Finding MongoDB Programmers

MongoDB continues to grow in popularity as software companies and others build web applications that rely on managing large amounts of data in the cloud. Therefore, the demand for top MongoDB developers will continue to increase as more organizations move to SaaS, DaaS and IaaS solutions, and the companies that provide the solutions need more qualified MongoDB developers. However, the current usage and future growth prospects mean that finding a MongoDB programmer is already difficult and will get harder.

Fortunately, Pangara can help you find a skilled and affordable MongoDB developer.

Connect with Qualified MongoDB Freelancers

Pangara can help you find a MongoDB freelancer with the best level of experience to build, manage, and integrate scalable databases. Fortunately, we work with the top professional Southeast Asian developers and can find a programmer to meet goals, scope and budget of your project.

We carefully screen all freelancer applicants to verify their MongoDB skills. This means your new hire will have the requisite knowledge and experience to have a positive impact from the start. In addition, we strongly believe in our screening process and offer a 2-week guarantee as proof of our commitment.

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