Some companies find competent hires right away. For others, it takes over a year. And unfortunately, when it comes to looking for quality developers — that can be more of a rule than an exception today.

Together Gaming is a platform company offering the services to start up gaming operations. The platform was created by individuals who know that launching an idea takes time. Therefore, Together Gaming was created to expedite this process. Its unique aspect is a well functioning, flexible and modern platform — AleAcc.

This platform is adapted for the needs of today’s casino and betting market. After looking to add developers to their team in Växjö, Sweden, for over a year to no avail — time was of the essence for Together Gaming. While the company was getting by with its current development team, the pace was definitely lacking. In dire need of a solution, Together Gaming came in contact with Pangara through a referral.

Here’s what Mikael had to say about the experience:

How long did it take you to get started?

Why did you choose to go with Pangara?

I got a really good connection with Pangara from day one. The sales person instantly got what we were after — and Pangara was very quick to find suitable resources for us. It was brilliant.

What was your initial experience like?

The developers Pangara connected us with were very open and positive from start, which made things very easy for us. They were good to go from the beginning. As for communication, the contact with Pangara has been consistently good throughout.

Regarding the developers, we’re used to working with remote staff at this point, and using written communication works very well. So far — the overall results have exceeded all expectations. Sometimes minor issues or coding errors occur, but that’s part of the game.

What has been the biggest benefit with working with Pangara?

Since we’re measuring time to market, we’ve been able to increase the amount of products and features we can ship. So the biggest win has definitely been in terms of time saved. We can now work broader than before, since we can work more on improving functionality in parallel.