Today, many companies struggle to fill tech-related roles locally. From developers to designers — companies have to broaden their search for skilled candidates. Per Rundblom, co-founder at Great People Applications, faced that same issue.

Great People Applications is a SaaS startup dedicated to helping companies recruit through referrals. It works with companies like PwC and Boston Consulting Group. Initially, Per was looking to hire a developer in Stockholm, Sweden for a project. But that proved harder than he expected. After a fruitless search on his home turf, he realized he needed to look for talent elsewhere.

Enter Pangara.

Pangara was recommended to Rundblom through a referral. And so the outsourcing process began. At first, Rundblom told Pangara his freelancer qualifications. Next, he was presented with a handpicked developer, deemed the best match for his needs. Finally, Pangara set up all the admin details and let them get to work. Here’s his experience in his own words.

What Was the Hiring Process Like?

In short, we were looking for highly talented and self-propelled developers. People with the potential to understand our business and challenges. And to be specific, iOS, Android or Javascript developers. Best case, someone with experience in React and React Native.

We had about one or two calls with Pangara describing our needs and challenges. After around two weeks, they presented us with the perfect candidate. One Skype interview later and we were up and running with a very solid developer.

Why Did You Choose Pangara?

The challenges in finding great people are getting worse all the time. Sometimes, I talk to people who think hiring someone on the other side of the earth is a way of saving a few bucks. To me, it’s not about that at all. My problem is that it’s close to impossible to find and attract awesome developers at home. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t.

This is really what’s holding a lot of companies back today and why a lot are turning to outsource web development.

How Did You Ensure Efficient Communication?

For team communications, we use Slack. And for task management, we use Asana. There we would add tasks, specs, images and other useful material. Our Pangara developer speaks good English and the experience has been super smooth.

What Was Your Experience with Pangara Like?

I’ve worked with outsourcing companies in China before and it’s ranged from bad to disastrous. Pangara (and Vietnam in general) is much different. It was easy. They not only have a great attitude and technical skills, but also a mentality that’s like in the west. That makes a world of difference. They not only have a great attitude and technical skills, but also a mentality that’s like in the west.

That makes a world of difference. Language can be a little bit tricky in the beginning, especially face to face on Skype or over the phone. But written understanding is often close to perfect. It’s more of a verbal thing because our languages are so different.

And finally, what are your thoughts on remote work?

It requires understanding and good discipline on the project management/ buyer’s side. The main thing is communication. I need to be clear on what I need, why, and what I expect to see along the way. That’s it.