ChromaWay taps into Pangara’s invite-only Blockchain and AWS developer networks to accelerate their innovation of cutting edge services.

Turning to Pangara for extended software development capacity

ChromaWay is an innovative blockchain technology company that grows at high speed and is nominated as one of the 33 hottest start-ups in Sweden. During 2018 ChromaWay faced a challenge as they needed to speed up their development but had limited time to search for and source experienced developers with very specific skills. After having evaluated different options, the ChromaWay-team have put their trust in Pangara for first a small pilot that quickly has grown into a team of remote developers with experience of primarily blockchain technology and AWS.

Since 2014, ChromaWay has been developing and refining its industry-defining blockchain technology platform. The project is called Chromia and is a platform that will manage, for example, Ethereum’s shortcomings. In 2019 ChromaWay got a place at the Swedish 33-list of the country’s most promising start-ups. There is no doubt that many in the crypto and blockchain world believe in ChromaWay’s investment; ChromaWay has in the past year raised 135 million SEK in venture capital.

Combination of soft and hard skills

Henrik Hjelte, Founder and CEO of ChromaWay, tells us that before they worked with Pangara he spend a lot of time and energy trying to find suitable developers. ChromaWay is a relatively small company with great growth ambitions, and the partnership with Pangara could free up time that they had previously spent on recruitment. “We have had a really hard time finding a good combination of competence and personality. Through Pangara we found world-class talents, I have met developers that are unique through Pangara’s developer network. I don’t think we could have found this combination of hard and soft skills elsewhere on our own” – Henrik Hjelte, CEO of ChromaWay, comments.

Doubling the development capacity in short time

After ChromaWay had evaluated a pilot they decided to extend their dependency on Pangara. Pangara’s sourcing team matched ChromaWay specifications towards the network, and consequently, their team was doubled in a matter of weeks. Thanks to Pangara’s rigorous testing, good knowledge of the Vietnamese market and technical knowledge Pangara was able to provide skilled developers swiftly. The future for ChromaWay looks bright and through Pangara they have found a reliable partner with a unique network.