iGoTerra is the wildlife network to record, manage and share all your wildlife observations, lists, photos and trips. Founded in Sweden in 2012, the company is a global force of nature — figuratively — with customers from all over the world.

iGoTerra lets you record your wildlife observations with any device, prepare for your next trip with personalised country checklists, and share your wildlife memories with your friends (and watch yourself rise in the ranks). The platform is also used extensively by commercial wildlife tour operators and NGOs.

Such a platform requires a solid user-experience and talented developers to implement it. After searching for local developers, iGoTerra then turned to Pangara for help to connect them with remote top developers.  We spoke to Vice President & Partner Björn Andersson about their experience with finding developers.

What issues did you have that made you find Pangara?

At first, we used our own employees and Swedish contractors. But in the long run, we needed to complement our workforce with more developers. We required competent and flexible developers. Of course, we were also looking for developers at a reasonable rate, which Pangara could offer.

Even though we compared several different options, we found developers quickly with Pangara.

Why did you choose Pangara?

Three simple reasons: Good customer support, and the fact that it’s a quick and efficient service. Another plus was the platform’s interface, which was very simple and easy to use.

How has your contact with Pangara been?

We’ve spoken to our dedicated Sales Engineer, aside from the actual Pangara talents. Overall, it has worked superbly. Pangara — and its developers — have been very accessible.

How has your experience with the developers been?

Excellent. They not only possess very strong competence within their specific skill set, but have great general knowledge of IT. Furthermore, they’ve been very dedicated and are very quick to help out when needed.

As for results, they’ve generally been of very high quality. Any minor errors we’ve found have been quickly rectified when noticed.

What do you think is the biggest benefit with Pangara developers?

Through the Pangara developers we’ve saved both time and money. This makes us look at Pangara as a sustainable long-term solution as well.

What do you think could be improved?

Sometimes, the English accent is a bit tricky to understand — but you get used to it. Aside from that, I can’t think of anything.

On a scale of 1–10, how likely are you to recommend Pangara to someone in need of developers?