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We created Pangara to solve the problems of finding top-quality, affordable developers. Learn more about our team and how you can join us today.

Why choose us?

Why Work at Pangara?

Pangara stretches from East to West. With one office in Malmö in Sweden and another in bustling Saigon, Vietnam, we cover a lot of ground. Together, we’ve created a culture of innovation and progress -- always moving forward. No matter who you are (or where you are!), you’re welcome to join Pangara. We’re always looking for bright, innovative people.

Competitive Compensation

We firmly believe that great work should be rewarded. With us, you’ll earn a comfortable living in a dynamic, interesting work environment.

Passionate People

Rest assured, at Pangara you’ll work with world-class talent. We bring together the best of the best in our network, and in our office!

Outrageous Opportunities

We’re a growing company, and we invite you to grow with us. Grounded in freedom with responsibility, only you decide how far you want to go!

Our testimonials

I've never worked with so many talented people in one place. Pangara provides a great growth opportunity from day one!

Pontus Bergmark,

Pangara truly brings talent together. And as we’re all aiming to revolutionize the way people work, we’re joined in the same mission. So many great people doing a great job.

Nam Dau,
Full Stack Developer
Our testimonials
Our testimonials

I think the environment is amazing. Everything I do is always appreciated, and everyone works closely together -- even as a remote team. Oh, and the colleagues are very nice!

My Le,
Graphic Designer