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Pangara Welcomes New Chief Sales Officer

Our team continues to expand and we’re pleased to announce the latest addition to our growing family. Please join us in welcoming our new Chief Sales Officer, Martin Sundler who…Read more

5 Ways to Keep Your Remote Team Motivated

Thanks to technology we can now work wherever and whenever we want. And in return, businesses are not only able to tap into a larger pool of talent since location…Read more

8 Tools for Managing Staff Remotely

8 Tools for Managing a Remote Team

When it comes to managing a remote team, there are a handful of project management tools out there to choose from. But which ones are the most useful?  The results…Read more

patterns used in javascript

Commonly Used JavaScript Design Patterns

JavaScript has grown to become one of the top trending languages across software development today. Javascript itself can be used in a handful of fields: from frontend to backend web…Read more

magento vs. woocommerce

Magento vs. WooCommerce

Web entrepreneurs have a wealth of ecommerce platforms to choose from when they’re ready to open shop, but two of the biggest standouts are WooCommerce vs. Magento.  On the surface, both…Read more

best ecommerce platform for a small business

Choosing the Best Ecommerce Platform for a Small Business

Ecommerce is expected to reach a massive $1.5 trillion this year, which will represent a 20% increase from 2013. It is now the single largest driver of business to websites…Read more

26 Essential PHP Interview Questions for 2020

PHP is the language of choice for building databases and executing special web functions inside of HTML. Its simplicity means the language has a loyal following and, more importantly, a…Read more

freelance web developer

Life as a Freelance Mobile Developer with Pangara

If you fancy working as a freelance mobile developer, this article should give you an insight at the pros, cons and lifestyle of the job. It can be difficult to…Read more

android developer

Android Interview Questions & How to Interview Candidates

If your company is looking to hire a truly great developer for your Android apps or if you’re applying for the role of an Android developer, how do you ensure…Read more

outsource web developers

Cost vs. Quality of Outsourcing Developers

When it comes to outsourcing developers, a handful of project managers and startups run the risk of poor quality service in order to save a quick buck. “You get what…Read more