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How to Become a Ruby on Rails Developer

Google “What is Ruby” and below you’ll find the most common representation. Ruby is an object-oriented programming language that uses a model-view-controller (MVP) architecture. Although the folks that used Ruby…Read more

What is a Ruby developer?

Ruby is one of the most popular programming languages in the world—in part because it’s consistently rated as one of the easiest languages to learn for new programmers. A large…Read more


Tips and Tricks to Code Ruby at a Higher Level

Ruby is an interesting language. But when it comes to comparing it to giant classic languages like C or Java, it’s actually quite new. For those who are familiar with…Read more

C# developer

What is a C# Developer?

A huge number of people who are interested in pursuing a career in software development turn their attention to C#. And it’s no wonder—with C Sharp programmers earning an average…Read more

10 resources for learning Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the world’s most popular web application frameworks—and with good reason: it’s relatively easy to learn, extremely powerful, and mercifully well-documented. It also has a…Read more


Why Should You Hire a Ruby on Rails Developer?

You want to build a web application, and people may have suggested you hire a Ruby on Rails developer along with the program. Ruby on what? The development world is…Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Software Developer Salaries Around the World in 2020

What should you expect to pay a developer? It’s a tough question to answer. Not only does it depend on where the developer is based, but also on their level…Read more

How to become a great C# developer

How to Become a Great C# Developer

Just like you don’t see the pipes but know that the faucet is always going to pour water when the handle turns, C# is something the common web user won’t…Read more

Rails Asset Pipeline

What you Need to Know About Rails Asset Pipeline

Rails asset pipeline is quite a familiar topic for Ruby on Rails developers. It was first introduced in Rails 3.1 and it is now implemented by the sprockets-rails gem, and…Read more

3 Tips on how to Manage Your Time

3 Tips on How to Effectively Manage Your Time

One of the luxuries of working as a freelancer is having the ability to create your own schedule, work when you want, and at your own pace. This applies regardless…Read more