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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Successful Minimum Viable Product

5 career lessons people learn too late in life

As the old song goes, “If I knew now what I knew then / You know I’d do things differently.” And sadly, there are all too many people who can…Read more

9 differences between a leader and a manager

We’ve all seen hilariously inept managers in movies or on TV (The Office comes to mind). And if we’ve been truly unlucky, we’ve even run across one or two in…Read more


How to Run Multi-Container Applications with Docker Compose – Part Two

In our previous article, we introduced you the Docker Compose YAML file. Today, we’re going to focus on the compose command line. In order to better understand this topic, you’ll…Read more


20 Front end interview questions

When it comes to interviewing for a role in front end development, there’s a lot of bases to cover. That’s why we’ve done a bit of the work for you….Read more


4 ways to improve morale in the workplace

Strong morale is vital for any business—especially in today’s ultra-competitive economy. When your team feels good about their jobs and their company, they perform better and work more efficiently. And…Read more


How diversity can make your company more innovative

Nowadays, a diverse team is a top priority for most big companies. It shows a commitment to inclusion and social responsibility. And it means that the company will reflect society…Read more

What a fullstack should know

If you’re looking to break into the world of web programming, you may have come across the term “full stack developer”. But what is a full stack developer, really? What…Read more

What an Android developer should know

Android is the dominant OS in the world of mobile. How dominant? Wrap your head around this. Despite the massive popularity of Apple products, despite the fact that Apple is…Read more

great leader

5 qualities of a great leader

Leadership is one of the most discussed topics in business schools and MBA programs around the world—partly because it’s so elusive. What is leadership? What’s the difference between a bad…Read more

3 keys to employee loyalty

The world of business seems to move faster than ever nowadays—and is more fiercely competitive than it has ever been. Nowhere is that more true than in the domain of…Read more