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Agile project management for beginners: What you need to know

Have you ever wondered how some companies can release apps or new features on a continuous basis? For many, the answer is agile project management.  Keeping an efficient rate of…Read more

7 differences between male and female leaders

From heads of state to CEOs of major corporations, women are starting to take up more and more leadership positions in our world. And while they’re still underrepresented in leadership,…Read more

The challenges of being a female coder

Gender stereotypes can be a controversial topic. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The impact of gender stereotypes can be palpable; especially in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as software…Read more

10 resources for learning Android development

So you want to be an Android developer. Maybe you’ve read the job description and think it sounds like a perfect fit. Perhaps you’ve heard about the exciting trends in…Read more

How to succeed as a front end, back end or full stack web developer

If you’re a prospective or fresh developer starting out, it’s not always easy to know what you should know. What languages should I understand? What frameworks? And what the heck…Read more


What you need to become a front end developer in 2020

Have you ever wondered how web pages are made? Did you ever get that urging curiosity to grasp the mechanism of how those buttons and links interact? Front-end web development…Read more

December updates from our talent network

Most productive developer Do Ngoc Hoan Do Ngoc Hoan was our star-talent for November with a total of 165 hours worked! As a fullstack developer, Hoan’s expertise lies in web…Read more

What you need to become a back end developer in 2020

If you made it to this page it might be safe to assume that you gave back end web development a thought or two. We have good news for you,…Read more

How to become a web developer

So you want to be a web developer. Maybe you’ve never worked with computers at all and are looking for a total career makeover. Or perhaps you’re pretty comfortable with…Read more

15 free tools for web developers

The life of a web developer isn’t easy. You’re expected to wear a lot of hats—to be a designer, UX specialist, programmer, and troubleshooter…all at the same time. Fortunately there…Read more