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iOS & Android App Tutorial Using HTML5

When it comes to working in the tech freelance industry, it’s extremely important to always keep learning. It’s always beneficial to add more skills to your developer portfolio. This shows future clients that you are driven and that you likeRead more…

How to Excel in the Online Freelance Industry

Freelancing has become the career of choice for today’s generation. Not only does it offer a more comfortable working environment but also freelancers are no longer tied down to one role. As a result of this, people have more freelanceRead more…

A Day in the Life of a Tech Company Startup
A Day in the Life of a Tech Startup

Whether in Ho Chi Minh City or Sweden, the Pangara team doesn’t let distance get in the way of getting work done. Here’s an inside look at how this tech savvy company works together while being thousands of miles apart.Read more…