November updates from our talent network

Most productive developer

Hoang Tuan Anh

Anh killed it during October, with more than 160 hours! Being a fullstack developer, Anh focuses on PHP, JavaScript and HTML/CSS.
Anh prides himself on being a devoted, ambitious and reliable leader who is always willing to assist his team members with their tasks. In his opinion, strong collaboration and discipline will are the keys to a productive team. As a leader, he always ensures that his teammates can understand their tasks thoroughly and share ideas with each other in the process.
Furthermore, Anh strongly believes in growth and self-improvement. And while coding is not an easy job, seeing his work being appreciated by clients and users alike is what motivates him to keep pursuing this path.

Featured developer

Hoang Phan 

Hoang Phan is a blockchain developer. Last November, Bitcoin was steadily on the rise. And even though the hype has cooled down, many still firmly believe blockchain technology to be here to stay. In his own words, Phan has a huge passion for cutting-edge technologies, especially Blockchain and crypto-currency.

He is currently the leader of Blockchain Department at BAP IT Co., Ltd where he manages a team of eight members working together to design and implement crypto-currency projects for Japanese clients. He’s very confident in his programming skills and problem-solving mindset, enabling him to provide the best possible solutions for my customers.
On top of that, his colleagues have acknowledged him as a good team player who always goes beyond the call of duty to ensure the team achieves common goals in a timely manner.