15 free tools for web developers

The life of a web developer isn’t easy. You’re expected to wear a lot of hats—to be a designer, UX specialist, programmer, and troubleshooter…all at the same time.

Fortunately there is an amazing and ever-expanding community of developers who are looking for ways to help one another out. And there are now an abundance of open source projects and freemium offerings from tech companies that provide a wide range of useful, no-cost tools that make a developer’s life a little bit easier.

So without further ado, here’s a tour of some of the best free tools for devs out there.

Design and development

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1. Atom

The Atom text editor is one of the best around. Free and open source, Atom is extremely customizable, and comes with a range of useful features like smart code auto-completion, cross-platform editing capabilities, and find and replace. There’s also an optional IDE and even a “teletype” feature that lets you share your workspace with other programmers and collaborate on projects right from the editor.