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Top Skills iOS Developers Need Today

We all know that iOS development never stops. There are hundred of skills you need to become a skilled iOS developer in the tech industry today. We got in touch…Read more


The Most in Demand Programming Languages of 2020

As many of you already know, the tech industry is always changing. Technology is ever-evolving and it’s important that we evolve with it. One of the most in demand skills as…Read more


4 Steps to Prevent Identity Theft Today (as a Freelancer)

You’ve just landed your next big freelance gig and you’ve only communicated with the client via e-mail. No face-to-face interaction. This is pretty typical of the freelancer industry especially for…Read more

building your personal brand

4 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand as a Tech Freelancer

When it comes to freelancing, it’s important to consider what goes into building your personal brand and how you market yourself to clients old and new. Whether you’re just joining…Read more


6 Tips on How to Keep a Positive Attitude in the Workplace

Whether you find yourself working from home, in a coffee shop or in a physical office, it’s important to keep a positive attitude in the workplace. At Pangara, this is…Read more


Why You Should Outsource Web Developers

Today, many companies are confronted with the issue of not having enough local talent when it comes to tech-related roles. From developers to programmers, coders, and more — companies are having…Read more

The Most In-Demand Tech Skills for Freelancers Today

The Most In-Demand Tech Skills for Freelancers Today

More and more companies are encouraging their employees to work from home. In 2020, Dell plans to have 50% of their employees work from home. Not only has the market…Read more

From Nigeria to Silicon Valley: Life of a Software Development Engineer

From Nigeria to Silicon Valley: Life of a Software Development Engineer

His plan was to study chemical engineering but after taking his first programming class in Java, he was hooked and never looked back. And so, Moses Isang’s software development engineering…Read more

8 Aspects to Keep in Mind During Recruitment

When it comes to searching for top freelancers in the tech industry, this can be a daunting process. How best to weed out the top freelancers from the ok freelancers? This is…Read more


Top 5 Benefits of Managing a Remote Team

Ever considered building your own remote team? It’s more common today than you may think. Don’t let distance get in the way when it comes to building a successful remote team….Read more