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patterns used in javascript

Commonly Used JavaScript Design Patterns

JavaScript has grown to become one of the top trending languages across software development today. Javascript itself can be used in a handful of fields: from frontend to backend web…Read more


How to Choose the Right Developer for Your Company

You know it has to be done but you try and put it off. You know that you cannot avoid it, but still you try to. Why? Because hiring is…Read more

How to Write Follow Up Sales Emails That Convert

How to Write Follow Up Sales Emails That Convert (& 6 Free Templates)

Things get lost all the time, especially in our inboxes. Follow up sales emails can be a huge asset when considering this fact and understanding that our customers can sometimes…Read more


7 Steps to an Elevator Pitch That Actually Works (With Examples)

A great elevator pitch doesn’t simply just happen; it has to be planned. It is essential that any company wishing to reach its goals — whether it’s securing investments or finding clients…Read more

7 Skills You Should Look For When Hiring A Web Developer

7 Skills You Should Look For When Hiring A Web Developer

You are in the process of hiring a web developer. The final ten CVs have landed on your desk ready to be called in for interviews. Each one ticks all of…Read more

Top 3 Web Development Trends

Top Web Development Trends Today

One of the beautiful things about technology is that it is constantly evolving. As a web developer, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest web development trends….Read more


Why You Need to Invest in UX Design

If your business has a website, application, or product, chances are you’ve heard the term user experience. What most people don’t realize is the added benefit of strong UX designs and…Read more


A Client’s Guide to Building Strong Client-Freelancer Relationships

At one point or another, you may have considered outsourcing work to a freelancer. Whether it’s for a particular project or as an extension of your team, working with freelancers…Read more


4 Tips on How to Become a Global IT Freelancer

Personally, working eight hours a day, five days a week in an office is boring. I love having the freedom to work anytime and anywhere. I have learned many things…Read more


A Freelancer’s Guide to Building Strong Client Relationships

The cornerstone of a successful freelance career begins with strong client relationships – they are the heart and soul of your freelance business. Without clients, you have no business. In…Read more