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8 Trends Shaping the Future of Android Development

With over 80% of mobile OS market share worldwide, Android development is far and away the dominant force in building apps. And with Android developer salaries frequently exceeding 100K per…Read more

C# developer

What is a C# Developer?

A huge number of people who are interested in pursuing a career in software development turn their attention to C#. And it’s no wonder—with C Sharp programmers earning an average…Read more


Why Should You Hire a Ruby on Rails Developer?

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The Ultimate Guide to Software Developer Salaries Around the World in 2020

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5 Ways to Keep Your Remote Team Motivated

Thanks to technology we can now work wherever and whenever we want. And in return, businesses are not only able to tap into a larger pool of talent since location…Read more

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Life as a Freelance Mobile Developer with Pangara

If you fancy working as a freelance mobile developer, this article should give you an insight at the pros, cons and lifestyle of the job. It can be difficult to…Read more

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Cost vs. Quality of Outsourcing Developers

When it comes to outsourcing developers, a handful of project managers and startups run the risk of poor quality service in order to save a quick buck. “You get what…Read more