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How to Get a Job as an iOS Developer

So you want to be an iOS developer. You’ve studied Objective C or Swift in depth, familiarized yourself with the Xcode IDE, and mastered the Cocoa Touch framework. Now it’s…Read more


How to Become a Ruby on Rails Developer

Google “What is Ruby” and below you’ll find the most common representation. Ruby is an object-oriented programming language that uses a model-view-controller (MVP) architecture. Although the folks that used Ruby…Read more


Tips and Tricks to Code Ruby at a Higher Level

Ruby is an interesting language. But when it comes to comparing it to giant classic languages like C or Java, it’s actually quite new. For those who are familiar with…Read more

How to become a great C# developer

How to Become a Great C# Developer

Just like you don’t see the pipes but know that the faucet is always going to pour water when the handle turns, C# is something the common web user won’t…Read more

26 Essential PHP Interview Questions for 2020

PHP is the language of choice for building databases and executing special web functions inside of HTML. Its simplicity means the language has a loyal following and, more importantly, a…Read more

android developer

Android Interview Questions & How to Interview Candidates

If your company is looking to hire a truly great developer for your Android apps or if you’re applying for the role of an Android developer, how do you ensure…Read more

70 jQuery Interview Questions (Opt 2)

70 jQuery Interview Questions to Ace Your Next Interview

For those preparing for an upcoming jQuery interview, it’s important they are familiar with the all of its features and functions. It should go without saying that a strong JavaScript…Read more

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25 Fundamental C++ Interview Questions

Here, we demonstrate Fundamental C++ interview questions that are likely to come your way.  This list of questions and answers will be extremely helpful to people looking to stretch their…Read more

45 Key WordPress Interview Questions

When it comes to web development, there are a number of different paths one can take to excel in the tech industry. Whether you decide to pursue front end, back…Read more