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20 web developer interview questions for 2020

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20 Front end interview questions

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3 keys to employee loyalty

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Front-End vs. Back-End Development

What’s the difference between front-end and back-end development? Well, first of all, let’s define terms. The front-end of a website is everything that users can see and interact with: the…Read more


Python Developer Interview Questions

Python is kind of trending language these days with its wide range of applications from science to web development and so on. If you’re looking for a job as a…Read more


Intro to Image Processing in OpenCV with Python

Welcome to this tutorial covering OpenCV. This type of program is most commonly used for video and image analysis such as license plate reading, facial recognition, robotics, photo editing and…Read more

angularjs developer

What an AngularJS Developer Should Know

If you search for jobs in web development for long enough, you’ll soon notice that one of the names that keeps coming up again and again is AngularJS—both as a…Read more


What an iOS Developer Should Know

Apple has an enormous and growing fan-base all over the world. And with good reason: their computers—and especially their mobile devices—are the last word in tech when it comes to…Read more

full stack developer

Key Resources to Learn Full Stack

Take a glance at any of your coding peers’ LinkedIn pages and you’re sure to see “Full Stack Developer” on their list of skills, with perhaps little or zero explanation…Read more


Understanding Javascript Promises

Javascript Promises and Promises in general are not a new concept in the world Javascript but they were not very popular until they were officially supported in ES6. Javascript Promises…Read more