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How Pangara empowers clients and talent on the global market

To connect companies with talent, and independent workers with opportunity. That is Pangara’s fundamental purpose for existing, and mission as a company. But why does it matter? To answer that…Read more

3 reasons why Vietnam is a talent goldmine

As globalization spreads, emerging market consumers are demanding higher-quality products and services to better suit their burgeoning middle classes. As described in a report by Deloitte, this leads to local…Read more

The future of work: Why the gig economy matters

Companies today face a dilemma: They’re struggling to find talent. With new positions being open an average of 36 days, finding the right person for the job isn’t always easy….Read more

The challenges of being a female coder

Gender stereotypes can be a controversial topic. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The impact of gender stereotypes can be palpable; especially in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as software…Read more


4 ways to improve morale in the workplace

Strong morale is vital for any business—especially in today’s ultra-competitive economy. When your team feels good about their jobs and their company, they perform better and work more efficiently. And…Read more


How diversity can make your company more innovative

Nowadays, a diverse team is a top priority for most big companies. It shows a commitment to inclusion and social responsibility. And it means that the company will reflect society…Read more

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Why Choose Vietnamese Developers in Today’s Market?

Why look at Vietnamese developers in the first place? Well, Vietnam is a rapidly developing country in Southeast Asia. It is growing faster than just about all its neighbours and…Read more