12 great WordPress themes for 2020


More and more people are turning to WordPress to build websites. And as a result, customized WordPress themes to suit any and every need are springing up left and right. With literally thousands of options to choose from, finding the theme that will best meet your needs and function reliably can be almost as much of a challenge as actually setting up your website.

But the fact is, not all themes are created equal, since they’re designed by all sorts of development operations—from massive software engineering collectives to lone geniuses who build and maintain themes for fun and profit. And some themes are definitely better-suited to certain uses than others.

In this article we’ll introduce you to 12 of the best WordPress themes around. We’ll start with a couple of the top all-purpose options. Then we’ll try to highlight themes that work best for various use cases—whether you’re starting an online business, raising money for a good cause, opening a restaurant, or trying to become a rock star!


Divi ($89)

Created by design studio Elegant Themes, Divi is a great all-purpose theme at a competitive price. It’s fully mobile responsive and comes with a wide array of modules (video, portfolio, code, blog and more) to suit a huge variety of needs.

It integrates well with WooCommerce if you’re looking to build an online store. The theme comes with the extremely user-friendly “Divi Builder” editor, which  makes creating and editing web-pages fast and easy. Divi is also quite well-supported, with a team of developers on hand to answer questions or troubleshoot issues.

Hestia (free)

Being one of the most popular general-use themes on WordPress, Hestia lets you create truly beautiful single-page designs that look great on desktop and mobile. But it’s not just pretty: this theme is also optimized for speed and SEO performance. And while it doesn’t come with the same level of support as a premium theme, if you do need help, there’s an active and friendly user forum that answers questions about the theme.


Shopkeeper ($59)

This premium offering is excellent for those who are serious about doing business online. It offers a range of attractive layout and gallery options to display your products—with minimal coding required (none at all, if you like).

Shopkeeper offers a reliable and well-supported theme, with loads of documentation and regular updates, to make sure everything functions as it should at all times. The theme’s page builder is a model of drag and drop simplicity—which means that e-commerce merchants can focus less on web design, and more on selling.

Seller (free)

Designed to work with WooCommerce, Seller is a great theme for anyone looking to start an online business with minimal overhead. There is a “pro” version available, though the free theme offers plenty of features and functionality. Aside from providing all the basics (mobile responsive, SEO friendly, social media integration), the theme’s design is also unusually tasteful and understated—qualities often lacking in online stores.


Foundation ($35)

The Foundation theme is designed for non-profits, charitable organizations, and churches. It has all of the basic functionality and support that you’d expect from a premium WordPress theme, but in addition, it comes with a range of features and tools that are essential for foundations and charities.

These include donation bars and campaign progress trackers to support fundraising efforts, a panoply of social media integrations to help your cause go viral, and various options for displaying sponsors’ logos on your page.    

Charity Review (free)

Another great theme for nonprofits and fundraisers is Charity Review. This one is completely free. It has an attractive, minimalist style that works well with high-quality photography—the kind of compelling visual element that can be really effective in telling your organization’s story and moving people to action. It also has a number of great features for non-profits, from specialized “call to action” modules to testimonial and social media widgets.

Bands and musicians

Colibri ($39)

Colibri is a WordPress theme for bands and musicians. It can be used to create a good-looking website to promote your music or keep in touch with your fans. But the real power of Colibri comes from its seamless integration with social media and content hosting sites: it’s built to automatically update your website with new content from Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, BandsInTown, and more.

For musicians and bands playing back-to-back shows or spending weeks on the road touring, this can be a real lifesaver—since the work of maintaining an attractive, up-to-date website can be accomplished largely through the social media posts you’re making anyway.

Muso (free)

Muso is a great free choice for musicians on a budget. It’s well-designed and lightweight, and comes with some great features that make it particularly suitable for anyone trying to promote their music. Highlights include full-size custom headers to feature a band’s logo or concert photos, music embedding via Soundcloud or Mixcloud, and a rotating carousel module to display upcoming shows or tour dates.


Rosa ($75)

Designed with the food industry in mind, the Rosa theme is perfect for restaurants, cafes, pubs, and catering businesses. It’s got a clean and attractive layout which is fully mobile responsive.

But even more importantly, it comes with features and functionality that make it ideal for the restaurant business: parallax scrolling to show off your gorgeous food photography, easy online menus, a bookings and reservations module, and—through an integration with WooCommerce—online payment and food ordering.

Yummy (free)

Yummy is another great choice for restaurants, with a power-packed free version of the theme in addition to its premium offering. The basic Yummy theme can be used to create a great-looking and mobile responsive website for any restaurant business, with modules for creating online menus, displaying high-quality photos of your food, and adding customer testimonials.


Werkstatt ($59)

If you’re looking to create a portfolio site to display your body of work, you couldn’t do much better than Werkstatt. This premium WordPress theme features a wide range of beautiful layouts and galleries—with enough options that you’ll be able to fully customize your site and make something really unique.

Since portfolio sites are often graphics-heavy, Werkstatt places special emphasis on smooth scrolling, auto-optimized image resolution, and responsive design. It’s also built to be extremely easy to use—so if you’re more of a creative type than a technical person, Werkstatt’s drag and drop editing will make web design a snap.

Hitchcock (free)

Hitchcock is a perfect free option for designers and creatives who need an attractive, user-friendly site to display their work. It’s lightweight and somewhat minimalist in its design, which means the focus will be firmly on your work (though you can certainly customize accents and headers to your heart’s content).

It’s also fully responsive and allows for infinite scrolling, so whether you’re showcasing your first project or your hundredth, Hitchcock has you covered.

So that’s our list of some of the hottest WP themes for 2020. While certainly not an exhaustive collection, these are all great choices that work especially well in their respected niches.

And once you’ve set up a site and are looking to optimize it for speed, SEO, or security, you may want to check out our round-up of the best WordPress plugins for the coming year.

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